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In 2017 I packed up my apartment, took a leave from work and headed to India.  With only a carry on I set out to immerse myself in culture and education to complete my Yoga Teacher Training. 

Inspired by my training I came back ready to create and give to others. Since completing my yoga training I have taught over 1,000 hours of in studio classes, private sessions, workshops and courses. 


I have co-lead two 200hour programs and a 50hour continuing education program. Sharing the why behind the yoga poses and yoga beyond the poses is my favorite part. 


So I created Yoga with Kylea. For yoga students and teachers who want to dive deeper into the why, the history, the philosophy and more. 

Ask questions, get curious, let's grow together.

Yoga with Kylea Community

Yoga with Kylea is an online community to share in the practice and journey of Yoga on and off the mat. Each month our community dives into a topic, how it relates to your practice and different wants to incorporate it into your daily life. I invite you to join us

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