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February 2021 | The Four Agreements

Welcome to February with Yoga with Kylea🤍 


This month at Yoga with Kylea

  • Check the weekly class schedule and make sure to add to your calendar!

  • Weekly Cultivation will be pushed out in the members only Facebook group & will be the class theme that week!

  • Weekly LIVE sessions will dive deeper into the monthly theme and have journal prompts and more at the beginning of class.

  • Class will go LIVE 10 min early for you to ground and center before class start

  • This month we are discussing The Four Agreements. The Four Agreements is a book by don Miguel Ruiz. ​​You do not need to read the book to participate. But the book is available online via audiobook, kindle and for purchase ($2-8)

Be sure to join us in our private facebook group to meet your community.

This month we will focus on The Four Agreements. Join me as we lean in together.



Couple Yoga


Journaling helps you connect your internal and external worlds. They can be windows into understanding and processing your thoughts and emotions. They also help you understand the relationship between your physical practice and yoga beyond the poses.



Music is a beautiful way to connect with yourself. Use this playlist while journaling, meditating, practicing yoga and more. 

Yoga Mat and Straps


Join me during the month for four live Zoom yoga classes! These classes will be 60 minute each. With our Thursday classes being 75 minutes for a guided meditation practice

Can't make the designated Zoom times? No worries, all class recordings are uploaded to our Members Only Video Section.


Pro tip: bring your journal prompts with you to class. They are a great tool for reflection and understanding. 


See you on your mat! 🤍🙏🏼

Mudra Meditation


Meditation is not the absence of thought or turning off your thoughts or feelings. Meditation is learning to observe your thoughts and feelings without judgment. Eventually, you may start to better understand them as well. Be kind to yourself in the process. 

Wellness Coach