Create an at Home Retreat | 5 steps to start


Does your space nourish you and serve you?

I want to share 5 simple steps to create turn your space into a Home Retreat!


  • Create a clutter free space

It is easy for clutter to accumulate, with the chaos of kids, pets, working from and more.

Find one space to keep clutter free. This can be your bathroom, closet, a corner in the bedroom or basement

Dedicate this space as your retreat space! A spot at home that is yours to create, practice and find solace.

Share with family / roommates your intention with this space. Commit to keeping it clutter free!.

  • Design your space

Decide how to design your space to serve you best. Pillows, meditation cushion, blanket and a yoga mat! A candle / incense to set the mood (lavender is great for relaxing!) Add plants, photos or an inspirational quote. A small speaker to play music.

  • How to use your space

Set time aside to utilize the space you have created. Be intentional and mindful of your daily schedule. We create time for the things we want!

Share your intention with family/roommates/friends. Let them know how they can support you.

Leave distractions at the door. Turn off notifications or leave devices outside the room when possible!

  • Start Small

A sanctuary at home can be five minutes in the bathroom in the morning or evening putting on lotion, brushing your hair or any other self-care task.

A coffee/tea nook that has all the things you love and need.

An extra pillow or two in bed!

  • Guidance

At home retreat guides are a beautifully way to create mindfullness and intention in your day-to-day schedule. Join me for a two day at home retreat that can be used at your own pace. And reused for the months and years to come, Join us here.



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